Foreign minister Peter Szijjarto – Photo: MTI

CPAC – Szijjarto: Hungary a ‘conservative, patriotic island in extremely liberal ocean’

Hungary is a "conservative and patriotic island in an extremely liberal ocean", and its government is prepared to continue protecting the country's sovereignty despite being "constantly under siege" and on the receiving end of constant attacks, Peter Szijjarto, the foreign minister, told the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC Hungary) in Budapest on Friday.

Szijjarto called Hungary “the home of the freedom of speech and opinion”, according to a ministry statement, adding, however that the country was “under constant siege” with the use of “weapons that are mockingly called the rule of law, the freeze of European Union funds, gender propaganda and migrant quota”.

“And we here in Hungary have been successfully defending against the siege and attacks of the liberal mainstream for 14 years,” the minister said.

But, he added, the liberal mainstream could not “stomach” that every general election in Hungary since 2010 had resulted in a conservative supermajority in parliament “regardless of the formation the foreign clients lined up the opposition in”.

Szijjarto said Hungary’s economy was constantly breaking records despite it not being allowed to access the billions of euros it was entitled to. He said the explanation behind the economic records was that economic players “rely not on fake news or ideology, but their own experience”.

“And my friends, despite the constant attacks, blackmail, aggressive and baseless allegations and political smear campaigns we’ve experienced over the last 14 years, we never gave up on representing our national interests or our sovereignty,” he said.

Hungarians, he said, were the only ones who had a right to decide who could or could not enter their country, so Hungary will stick to its strong protection of its borders because illegal entry was a crime and not a question of human rights.

“International law is clear,” Szijjarto said. “If someone is forced to flee their home country because of war or violence, they have a right to seek protection in the first safe country. Not the second, not the third, not the fourth, but the first safe country.”

“We Hungarians have demonstrated how this works,” he said. “We took in all those fleeing Ukraine and stopped every illegal migrant.”

The minister also talked about Hungary’s thousand-year Christian statehood, saying it was Christianity that had helped the country survive every occupation, period of oppression and dictatorship.

Hungary also insists that marriage is a union between a man and a woman, that a family consists of a father, a mother and children, and that the father is a man and the mother a woman, he added.

The government, he noted, was also sticking to its position that lives in Ukraine can only be protected by securing a ceasefire and achieving peace and that weapons deliveries would only prolong the war, while sanctions have proven pointless.

The Hungarian government has also stuck to its position that the matter of energy supply was a physical one, he said.

“Our dear friends, we have not given up on our sovereignty,” Szijjarto said. “We have not given up the exclusive right to deciding on our future. We don’t accept . interference from the outside in Hungary’s internal affairs.”

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