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CPAC – Gulyas: Conservative turn hoped in Europe, US

The Hungarian government is hoping for a conservative turn in Europe and the US, Gergely Gulyas, the head of the Prime Minister's Office, told the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC Hungary) in Budapest on Friday.

“We trust that a conservative turn might come in Europe and in the US, and the next time we meet, our friends who currently represent opposition parties will attend in the position of government officials,” Gulyas told the event organised by the Center for Fundamental Rights.

He said Hungary was a good example for the success of a conservative government. “We managed to win many elections over 14 years, we repeatedly earned the trust of citizens and have every right to hope that at the upcoming local council election and European Parliament election, we can once again prove that the majority of Hungarian voters support normality, common sense, a conservative government and ruling parties,” he added.

He said the battle was still open-ended in the US, but currently the chances are better than ever before, and “if everything goes well,” the US will have a conservative president, a conservative majority senate and house of representatives from January next year.

The government would like to see a US leadership that Hungary and Europe can work together with and where “they do not express unfounded criticism of their allies in various human rights reports”, citing problems that are either nonexistent or much worse in the US than in the country subjected to criticism, he said.

“We would like cooperation that makes it clear that there are very many people in the US, perhaps more than in any country in Europe, who think in terms of Christianity and conservatism, and who believe that common sense is the main guide for thought in the most important matters of life,” he added.

Gulyas said freedom was under threat in Europe because the “liberal mainstream ruling Europe” consider law, similarly to the Communists, a servant for politics. European countries south of Hungary that want to strengthen the European identity and represent traditional conservative values, and where common sense has a majority in society, are not wanted in the EU and have been told for many years or decades to wait for membership, he added.

Central Europe is currently the hope and guarantee for the survival of Europe, because society in western Europe has changed to an extent that there is little hope for the conservative powers representing common sense to win, he said.

Budapest is a city of freedom, as it was also in 1848, 1956 and 1989, but 20 years after EU accession, Hungary still must fight for its freedom in the EU, he said.

“We are the ones who believe that everyone can get an opportunity to express their opinion, even if it differs from ours” he said, adding that this was not the case in Brussels where even a protest or conference cannot be held if it is organised by conservatives.

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