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CPAC – Fidesz MEP calls for rejecting progressive ‘attempts to obtain power’

Tamas Deutsch, an MEP of ruling Fidesz, told CPAC Hungary on Friday that conservatives must not play along the power rules of progressives, "we have chased away the communists, we will deal with them too."

Deutsch, who also heads the party’s list for the European parliamentary election, told the Conservatice Political Action Conference held in Budapest that sovereigntist forces garnering as many votes as possible at the EP elections was the first requirement for a “successful sovereigntist turnaround in Europe.”

The goal, he said, was two thirds of the vote.

After the elections, sovereigntist forces must cooperate closely, he said.

Sovereigntists must also come to power in as many European countries as possible, and defeat progressive liberals in all member states, he said.

Deutsch said progressives were preparing a “new totalitarianism” in Europe. “They outsourced the most important elements of state power to so-called civil organisations comprised of radical activists, the mainstream media and . fact-checkers,” he added. In the next step, they “constructed legal legitimacy for the exclusive power of the Soros network,” he said.

The judiciary and the state were used to serve “their attempt to gain exclusive power,” he said.

While levelling allegations regarding the state of the rule of law at others, they are truly dismantling it, he said. Those thinking differently from the progressive canon are stigmatised and ostracised, “or simply branded a fascist,” he said.

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