Covid numbers expected to further increase in coming weeks

The government's aim is to encourage GP practices to create a community, to eliminate empty practices and improve the level of services, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Saturday after meeting the action groups coordinating coronavirus-related measures.

Orbán said on Facebook that the past two weeks had seen a rise in coronavirus numbers and this is expected to continue in the upcoming weeks in line with international trends.

He said projections showed that sufficient numbers of hospital beds were available, with the transfer of medical staff to continue. A total of 106 doctors and 170 nurses have been transferred so far and the numbers can be increased if necessary, he added.

Orbán said that talks with the medical chamber would be continued next week concerning regulations for GPs.

The government will provide the financial support for GPs to create a community of practices and improve the quality of local services, Orbán said. Once that is completed, talks between the chamber and the operative body coordinating coronavirus-related measures will focus on “defining the relationship between private and public health services”.

Orbán also said that the autumn break in schools will be held as usual, between October 23 and 31, and the situation at Hungary’s borders was in order.

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