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Court ruling in case involving budget fraud reported by OLAF

The Budapest Metropolitan Court has passed ruling in a case initially reported by the European Anti-Fraud Office OLAF concerning budget fraud of 114 million forints (EUR 320,000) involving European Union funds, the chief public prosecutor said on Friday.

In line with Wednesday’s court ruling, three men received suspended prison sentences. The prosecutor’s office has submitted an appeal, asking for prison and a ban from participating in public affairs, Tibor Ibolya said.

One of the suspects, a 48 year old who headed an information technology company, won tenders for economic development mostly financed by EU resources. The tenders had been invited by the National Development Agency since 2011, and the man has been charged with acquiring the funding by unlawful, deceitful means. He submitted fictitious documents including attendance sheets, invoices and certificates of completion with the help of two companies run by the other male suspects, 37 and 44.

After a report by OLAF, the investigation was carried out by the tax and excise office.

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