Budapest Mayor Gergely Karacsony – Photo: Facebook

Court rules Karacsony must issue apology to Orbán’s son-in-law

A court has ruled that Budapest Mayor Gergely Karacsony must issue an apology to Istvan Tiborcz, Viktor Orbán's son-in-law, for branding a property tax "the Tiborcz tax". Besides a public apology, Karacsony will also have to pay a fine of 500,000 forints (EUR 1,400) to Tiborcz, according to the binding ruling.

Tiborcz sued Karacsony after the mayor called a planned local property tax “the Tiborcz tax” during the local election campaign in 2018, Perfect Partner Communication said in a press release.

The appeal court said Karacsony had exploited Tiborcz’s name in the hope of gaining political advantage during the campaign by exploiting the “public’s supposed negative perception” of the entrepreneur.

The lawsuit was based an earlier court ruling that Tiborcz’s family ties to the prime minister did not mean he could be treated as a public figure.

Karacsony said in response on Facebook that “the prime minister’s son-in-law did not manage to tell the truth even in a case involving his own name”.

“After losing at court in a first ruling, he has achieved a tie as a result of the second ruling, but we will carry on and now preparing to file an appeal to the supreme court Kuria,” he added.

“And, by the way, Istvan Tiborcz is a public figure even according to the second ruling,” he said.

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