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Court orders suspects to be held in custody over violent attacks in Budapest

A Budapest court has ordered the detention of three suspects, Hungarian, Italian and German nationals charged with carrying out organised armed attacks against alleged participants of a far-right commemoration marking the anniversary of the Nazi breakout of the Castle District during the siege of Budapest on Feb. 11, 1945.

A fourth suspect, a German woman, has been instructed to keep in touch with the police via email, the Public Prosecutor’s Office said on Wednesday. The prosecutor is appealing the latter ruling and seeking her custody, citing the risk that she may flee or hinder the gathering of evidence, the statement said.

The police are investigating assault and other crimes committed as a group, the statement said. Evidence gathered so far suggests that the perpetrators attacked people unknown to them, whom they picked because they were wearing clothing indicating far-right views, the statement said.

Police have said that 7-8 people carried out attacks using telescopic stun batons and knuckle dusters over a number of days in Budapest. Some attacked a group of Polish tourists last Thursday, two of whom sustained grave injuries, the statement said. A man was assaulted on Friday on the outskirts of Budapest. A couple was beaten in downtown Pest and another, a German couple, in the Castle District, police have said.

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