Photo: Raimond Spekking/Wikimedia Commons

Coronavirus reproduction rate falls below 1

The reproduction rate of the coronavirus has fallen below one in Hungary, which means that on average an infected person communicates the virus to not more than another person, the chief medical officer said on Friday.

Speaking at an online press conference by the central coronavirus board, Cecilia Muller said that the indicators of the pandemic showed a slight decrease. She noted that 5,216 new cases were reported on Thursday and said that the number of new infections could stay “at the same level” next week.

Muller said that 90 percent of Hungarians in the 65+ age group registered for vaccination had now been inoculated and half of those aged between 18-59.

Answering a question, Muller said that since the outbreak of Covid-19 in Hungary “we have not had enough time” to establish if a third dose of any vaccine was needed. All vaccines applied in Hungary ensure protection against serious complications of the coronavirus, she said. She added that “future vaccination protocols will depend on mutations of the virus and further tests by the vaccine producers”.

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