Constitutional Court calls on parliament to regulate financial ties between MTA, research network

Parliament has run afoul of the constitution by failing to regulate financial ties between the Eotvos Research Network and its former operator, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA), the Constitutional Court said on Tuesday.

The Constitutional Court called on parliament to fulfil its legislative duty in the matter by June 30, 2023.

In 2019, parliament amended laws on operating and financing the institutional network for research, development and innovation. In line with the proposal, MTA research institutions were transferred to the Eotvos Lorand Research Network from MTA. MTA head Laszlo Lovasz and 61 lawmakers turned to the court in two separate queries, asking the body to annul the amendments which they said “breached MTA’s right to property, the Academy’s constitutional securities and scientific freedom.”

In Tuesday’s decision, the court said MTA’s assets are not state-owned property, dedicated for a specific purpose. Therefore, parliament must issue legislation to guarantee the circumstances for the Academy to perform its public duties, the decision said.

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