Constitutional amendment proposal seeks to protect families, children, minister says

The government's constitutional amendment proposal aimed at ensuring that all children are brought up according to Christian values seeks to protect Hungary, families and children, Justice Minister Judit Varga told lawmakers.

Hungary’s constitution serves to protect the nation’s identity, defines its value system, embodies its will and determines the fundamental legal form of its existence, Varga said. The document also identifies the family, future generations and national culture as values to be preserved, she added.

“But these values are under threat nowadays,” Varga said. “The set of thoughts considered progressive by some which also relativises the creation of the two genders gives growing cause for concern.”

Varga said the relativisation of natural laws pertaining to the forms of communities had cast doubt on whether the interests, rights and prosperity of future generations could be protected.

The amendment proposal also seeks to strengthen the independence of public trust funds by making the regulation governing them a cardinal law, she said.

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