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Conference on Hungarian universities’ exclusion from EU programmes held in Rome

The "unfair decision" to exclude a significant number of Hungarian universities from the Erasmus and Horizon Europe programmes puts the institutions in a "difficult position", Aron Fellegi, vice president of consulting firm EuroAtlantic, said at a conference in Rome on Monday.

Fellegi told MTI that the aim of the international conference was to encourage Italian higher education and research institutions to continue cooperating and building partnerships with Hungarian universities “despite the current difficult situation”.

Rodrigo Ballester, ministerial commissioner for the internationalisation of higher education and research, called the exclusion of the more than 20 Hungarian institutions from the EU programmes a “great injustice and disgrace”.

He told MTI that Hungarian university students had been put “in a worse situation” than their Russian peers, who were not blocked from exchange programmes at European institutions.

Ballester said there was “life beyond Erasmus”, adding that the aim of the conference was to “present the excellence of Hungarian education and research centres” by building new European and international partnerships.

The English-language conference organised by EuroAtlantic and Matthias Corvinus Collegium was hosted by the Hungarian cultural institute in Rome.

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