Photo: MTI

Co-leader Karacsony to lead Parbeszed list for 2022 general election

Gergely Karacsony, co-leader of opposition Parbeszed, will lead the party's national list for next spring's general election, the party decided at its congress on Saturday.

Karacsony, who is mayor of Budapest, told a subsequent press conference streamed on Facebook that he would only “be leading the party list symbolically” as he has no ambition to serve as a member of parliament. “If the opposition wins and there is a change of government I will be preparing to work as the mayor of Budapest in alliance with the new cabinet,” he said.

Speaking at the same press conference, Peter Marki-Zay, the opposition alliance’s prime ministerial candidate, said cooperation among opposition parties was free of any tension with their unity becoming stronger day by day.

“As a centre-right Christian, Parbeszed’s programme of a fair, green Hungary advocating solidarity is not in conflict with my set of values,” he said.

Timea Szabo, the other leader of Parbeszed and its group leader, said that, if elected into Hungary’s next government, the party would more strongly represent leftist and green values “which Orban’s incumbent government is trampling on”.

“Viktor Orban’s government is afraid, tells lies and incites hatred because they are well aware that the game will be over for them next April”, Szabo said. “Led by Peter Marki-Zay, we will set up a transparent and honest government that pays attention to the rights of workers, to single mothers and those living in poverty,” she said.

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