Photo: MTI

Civil groups, unions hold demonstration for changes in education

A demonstration organised by civil groups and trade unions was held for changes in Hungarian public education at the square in front of Parliament on Friday evening, on the first day of the school year.

At the event at Kossuth Square, representatives of the United Student Front (EDF), the Civil Basis and the Democratic Trade Union of Teachers (PDSZ) cited “serious problems” in Hungarian public education and called for an education policy reform which they said required a cooperation of civil groups and trade unions.

A representative of EDF called for a new national curriculum to create opportunities for students across the board and for abolishing central control over teachers.

Civil servants union MKKSZ leader Erzsebet Boros urged civil groups and trade unions to join forces and press for collective rights and a “real strike law”.

PDSZ deputy president Tunde Toth called for immediate measures to remedy the shortage of teachers.

The participating organisations announced a joint solidarity platform dubbed National Common Will (OKA) which demanded a 50 percent immediate payrise for teachers and retaining their right to strike, reforming the national curriculum and scrapping the new law on teachers’ status.

The event was held in preparation for a nationwide demonstration planned for September 15.

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