Zoltan Balogh – Photo: wikipedia

Cistibiscan Bishop: ‘Bishops did not vote in respect of Balog’

The Presidium of the Synod of the Reformed Church in Hungary, the four bishops and the three chief elders present did not take part in Tuesday's vote of confidence held in respect of Reformed Bishop Zoltan Balog, the president of the church's Synod, Daniel Pasztor, the Synod's vice president, has said.

In contrast with press reports, the bishop of the Cistibiscan District said in a statement that he had not taken a position “on whether Zoltan Balog should stay or go at the conference preceding the meeting of the deans and the chief elders.”

“I will acknowledge and support the decisions of the president of the Synod in this situation, whatever they may be,” Pasztor said.

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