The Szekler flag – Photo: wikipedia

Christian Democrats, LMP mark Day of Szekler Autonomy

Co-ruling Christian Democrats and opposition LMP marked the Day of Szekler Autonomy on Sunday.

Christian Democrats group leader Istvan Simicsko said it was a moral obligation for Hungarians living in the motherland to support ethnic Hungarians in diasporas everywhere in the world. Szeklers are a historical community whose unique traditions have enriched Hungarian culture for many centuries, he said.

“We support their demand for autonomy, the aspirations of a minority proud of its identity to be successful in their place of birth,” Simicsko said. “Autonomy is a right in the European Union which the Szeklers deserve and it is natural to demand it or even fight for it,” he added.

LMP group leader Laszlo Lorant Keresztes said in a statement that guaranteeing the autonomy and rights of indigenous national minorities was an important European value “worth fighting for together”.

Day of Szekler Autonomy is marked on the last Sunday of every October on a 2016 initative by the Szekler National Council.

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