Hungary's border fence – Photo: wikipedia

Christian Democrat MP: Border protection key to combatting migration, terrorism

Serious border protection, rather than a redistribution of migrants, is the way to combat the mass migration and terrorism faced by Europe, Istvan Simicsko, the parliamentary group leader of the co-ruling Christian Democrats, said on Sunday.

The introduction of mandatory redistribution quotas is “inconceivable” to Hungary, Simicsko, who is a member of parliament’s national security committee, said in reaction to press reports suggesting that Monday’s terrorist attack in Brussels could speed up the adoption of the European Union’s migration package.

Migrant quotas “are not a solution, because we don’t want migrant ghettos in the country”, he said, adding that the government rejected the package in its current form.

The EU should instead focus on bolstering the protection of its borders, but it does not look like the bloc is taking any steps in this direction, Simicsko said. Brussels’s migration policy appears to be a “failure”, and could become the source of an even greater problem if more migrants set off for the continent after Hamas’s attack against Israel, he added.

The dangers that come with mass migration “are on display every day”, he said, noting the recent attacks by Islamic extremists in western Europe.

Asked about the EU’s decision to triple its aid to Palestinians after Hamas’s attack, Simicsko said that for years it had seemed as if European decision-makers, from time to time, “act contrary to common sense”.

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