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ChristDem MP: ‘Europe must find way back to Christian roots’

In Europe, "we are one of the last stewards of the Christian and democratic system established by the European Union's founding fathers, which is an important role for us", the group leader of the allied ruling Christian Democrats said in an interview to Thursday's edition of the daily Magyar Hirlap.

“At the same time, it is a last chance for Europe not to forget about its roots but to rediscover them,” Istvan Simicsko told the paper.

“The Christian Democratic ideal is a cornerstone of the government’s structure,” he said, adding that “our most important duty is to ensure stable and predictable progress for Hungarians”.

The group leader underscored the importance of continuing to build a work-based society “where the dignity of work is unquestionable”. He also called it an important task to “provide as much help as possible to families, the most important building blocks of society”.

In connection with the government-level management of the areas of education, health care and environmental protection, Simicsko said “we can be sure that these areas will be handled by qualified professionals”, adding that “detailed plans are in place for taking further action”.

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