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Centre for Fundamental Rights: ‘National consensus’ on need to protect children

Fully 95 percent of respondents in a recent survey by the Centre for Fundamental Rights said it is unacceptable that an assistant in a school "should engage in a sexual relationship with an underage student", the centre said on Monday.

The survey showed that 70 percent of those asked rejected “classes informing about various sexual orientations held without the parents’ consent”.

The survey was conducted on February 27-28, on a sample of 1,000 adults by phone, in the wake of “recent scandals” including one involving child pornography.

The analysts slammed the leftist parties for their “vehemently opposing the child protection law which they consider mere propaganda”, and warned that over 55 percent of leftist voters participating in the survey condemned classes “promoting sexual orientations” at school.

“Hungary’s public opinion sees the child protection law as a guarantee for the well-being of children as opposed to the Left’s viewing it as hate-mongering propaganda,” the centre said.

Fifty-eight percent of those asked said they would make the law more stringent, while 19 percent would maintain it in its current form and 9 percent would prefer changes to make it more lenient, it said.

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