Captain of cruise ship in Veroce accident detained

The police have taken into custody the captain of a cruise ship that collided with a boat on the River Danube near Veroce, in northern Hungary, over suspicion of failing to provide help to the small boat's passengers.

Two people died in the collision on Saturday night, while a search is under way for another three men and two women. Out of the altogether eight adults who were on board the motor boat one male passenger sustained head and shoulder injuries but survived and swam ashore. He was later found disoriented on the river bank at Veroce. The man received urgent medical care and was taken to hospital.

According to the police website, the captain failed to alarm his crew after the collision, “he did not take any measures to rescue people in need of help, nor did he stop his ship”.

The police have so far questioned 25 people, including the crew of the cruise ship, passengers, and people who may have witnessed the collision, according to the website.


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