Budapest transport centre: Current tariffs, Budapest passes remain valid for suburban services

The Budapest transport centre BKK on Friday signed agreements with suburban railways operators MAV-HEV and with national coach operator Volan which ensures that the current system of tariffs will remain in force, BKK said.

BKK said in a statement that agreements signed in 2016 by the Budapest Metropolitan Council and the Ministry of Transport about the operation of “blue” bus services in suburban areas will expire on Sunday. This posed a risk that the current system of tariffs would be discontinued but the agreement now signed with MAV-HEV and Volanbusz will enable the preservation of the current services, also keeping the current tariffs in force, it added.

As a result, Budapest passes will remain valid on suburban services and BKK will continue to fulfil transport supervision and passenger information supply tasks on suburban railways HEV services and “blue” buses of Volanbusz in suburban areas.

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