Budapest to remember Covid victims with minute of silence

Budapest will join an initiative by the Eurocities network of large cities in Europe and remember the victims of the coronavirus pandemic with a minute of silence at noon on Wednesday, mayor Gergely Karacsony said on Facebook on Sunday.

Karacsony said the gesture is also intended as a sign of appreciation for the work of frontline workers such as doctors, residents, nurses and paramedics.

He added that the “remembrance does not aim to aggravate, but to mitigate the increasingly elevated tone of political debates”.

Karacsony said public transport in the capital would also observe the minute of silence. He invited Hungarians who live outside of Budapest to join the minute of silence, too, on March 24.

One thought on “Budapest to remember Covid victims with minute of silence

  1. Hungary is well placed with only 3700 cases in the 3rd wave and no mutant disasters.The daily death tally is HIGH at 205,as compared to single and double digit death tolls in Austria,Belgium, Czech and Portugal – which may be due to age and moribidties.

    There are 271,000 active cases,so a 0.1% death rate is not bad (although it is much higher than the nations,as stated above)

    The Hungarian tests per million are around half the rate of the abovesaid nations.To nail the issue, the tests can be doubled,to ensure that the catchment of the infected masses, is accurately captured and targeted.

    Hungary has tested 5.2 million people,which is 60% of the population,and the other 40% are VAXED,or will be soon,so the death rate will crash,very soon.Out of the Total tests, ONLY 750000 people were found positive – which is worse than the 4 nations,as stated above,but no more a cause, for even, a statistical analysis.

    The Daily recoveries are also HIGHER,than the Daily infected – and so, there is really no problem at all.

    The VAX will NOT stop the infections or its spread – but is MEANT TO REDUCE DEATH AND HOSPITALISATION.But if people with VAXes STILL DIE,that would mean that the COVID virus has mutated, to BYPASS THE BLOCKS CREATED BY THE VAX,TO STOP THE VIRUS FROM SPIKING AND HOOKING ONTO THE GOOD CELLS.

    So Hungary is in a comfortable position – EVEN w/o the VAX,as new mutants are coming and the VAXes as of today will DEFINTELY FAIL in their delivery mechanism ! The 1st mutation phase,was to increase infectivity,and the 2nd phase,will bypass the VAX defense mechanism !

    It is as certain as the SunRise (as seen on Earth),as the Sun is always shining – like the Virus – which is always programming,to hijack the human body ! dindooohindoo

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