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Budapest to host CPAC Hungary conference in March

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), a rallying event of the US Republican party, will be held in Budapest's Varkert Bazar on March 25-26, with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán as a keynote speaker, the Alapjogokert Kozpont think-tank said on Wednesday.

The event’s headline topics will include “God, homeland, family … expressing the set of values currently under a comprehensive attack in the West,” Miklos Szantho said.

Hundreds of participants from several countries, including Santiago Abascal Conde, the head of the Spanish right-wing VOX party, and Eduardo Bolsonaro, the son of Brasilian President Jair Bolsonaro, are planning to attend, he said. US senators and house representatives, “prominent members of [US] intelligentsia, heads of European research institutes and journalists” have also been invited, he said.

CPAC has been organised in the US since 1974, and has drawn the most prominent conservatives, including incumbent presidents, over the years, Szantho noted.

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