Photo: ORFK

Budapest ship collision victims entitled to HUF 1.8 billion compensation

The municipal court of Budapest on Wednesday ruled that families of the victims of a deadly collision on the River Danube in 2019 are entitled to a combined 1.8 billion forints (EUR 4.6m) in compensation from the two shipping companies involved in the accident.

The total is to be paid by Norway’s Viking River Cruises AG and Hungarian company Panorama Deck Kft., which operated Hableany, the sightseeing boat that capsized in the accident, to 78 family members of the accident’s 27 victims.

In the accident on May 29, 2019, the Viking Sigyn cruise ship collided with the Hableany which had 33 South Korean tourists on board and a crew of two Hungarians. Seven tourists were rescued from the water after the collision and the rest died.

The parties have until 15 days to appeal against the ruling.

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