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Budapest mayor has failed to deliver on promises, says Fidesz, LMP

Gergely Karacsony, the mayor of Budapest, has failed to deliver on the promises he made in his 2019 campaign, Alexandra Szentkiralyi, the ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrat alliance's mayoral candidate, said on Friday.

In a Facebook video discussing Karacsony’s track record, Szentkiralyi said the mayor had promised to make City Hall Park “nice and green”, but all that had happened instead was that the car park there had been “rearranged a little” and a “tiny garden” added. “The city deserves a lot more,” she said, adding that change was needed in Budapest.

Meanwhile, the opposition LMP party said Karacsony had “failed to keep even his simplest promise” that one-third of executives on the boards of Budapest-based companies would be women.

Delivering on this promise “would have only been a matter of will”, but “the party’s interests were more important than equality and his campaign promise,” Anna Suveg, LMP’s spokesperson, told a press conference.

She said Budapest transport centre BKK, transport company BKV and the Budapest Capital City Property Management Centre (BVFK) all had a single woman each on their board.

Suveg said her party was backing Karacsony’s other challenger, David Vitezy, an urban development expert and former state secretary in charge of public transport, to deliver on this promise.


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