Photo: MTI

Budapest council, Political Capital, CEU to hold conference on Ukraine war, energy, climate crisis

The city of Budapest, Political Capital and the Democracy Institute of the Central European University will hold an international conference on September 21-22 on the impacts of the war in Ukraine, the energy and climate crisis, as well as on "state-financed disinformation campaigns", the Mayor's Office told MTI on Thursday.

The conference, dubbed Budapest Forum on Sustainable Democracies, will offer panel discussions by Hungarian and foreign experts, activists, politicians and journalists on social issues impacting the lives of residents in “democratic and formally democratic” countries.

Participants will include Nikola Dimitrov, former deputy prime minister of North Macedonia, Radio Free Europe’s Washington chief Jamie Fly, economist Sergei Guriev, Los Angeles deputy mayor Nina Hachigian, and political scientist Ivan Krastev.

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