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Budapest assembly approves annual police report

The Budapest City Assembly on Wednesday unanimously approved the annual report of the Budapest police headquarters' activities in 2023 showing that the number of crimes registered in the capital grew by 1.9 percent to 40,754 over one year.

Budapest police chief Tamas Terdik told the meeting that there had been a considerable drop in the number of murders, with 35 murders registered in 2023, and none of them remained unsolved. There was a 3 percent increase in the number of thefts, though the number of car thefts dropped by 8 percent, he said.

The number of burglaries dropped by 15 percent and the number of robberies by 8 percent, he said, adding that the number of burglaries was an all-time low.

Terdik said there had been a shift in criminal activities, with an increase in cybercrime.

Budapest police received 201,000 calls last year and the average response time was 12 percent, among the fastest in the country, similarly to previous years, he said.

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