Hungary's border fence – Photo: wikipedia

Border fence to be fortified

The government will fortify the fence along Hungary's border with Serbia, an interior ministry official said in the border town of Roszke on Friday.

Hungary is increasing the height of its border fence so that Europe does not have to bring back internal border controls, state secretary Bence Retvari told a press conference. If Hungary did not protect its border, numerous European countries would have to reinstate checks on their borders, which would not only be an inconvenience when travelling but would also hurt the European economy, he said.

Though the fence on the Hungary-Serbia border also protects the security of Europe and Europeans, the European Union has not even reimbursed 2 percent of the 600 billion forints (EUR 1.5bn) it cost to build it, Retvari said.

He said Hungary was a net contributor to the EU, arguing that it fulfilled all its payment obligations, while the EU was “using various procedures to block funds we are entitled to”.

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