Boka: Hungary-Sweden dialogue key to ratification of Sweden’s NATO membership

The date of ratification of Sweden's NATO membership depends on how quickly and effectively confidence can be built between Hungary and Sweden, Janos Boka, the minister for EU affairs, told Finnish newspaper Ilta-Sanomat.

“Political dialogue between Hungary and Sweden is key” to the ratification, Boka told the paper, adding that this would reassure Hungarian lawmakers “who have doubts and concerns”.

In his first foreign interview of the year, Boka also talked about the war in Ukraine. He said on his Facebook page on Saturday that it was very difficult to plan for the next three or four years due to the uncertain situation in Ukraine. Hungary’s position was that it would be more reassuring to reckon with shorter financial cycles, he said.

“It would also be better if Ukraine could be supported from outside the EU multiannual financial framework. Hungary also wants see how the financial support given to Ukraine has been used so far and with what results,” Boka said.

Boka reiterated that the Hungary’s government’s top priority regarding Ukraine was to achieve a ceasefire as soon as possible. “Only this would make it possible to find a lasting solution to the conflict through negotiations,” the minister said.

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