Janos Boka – Photo: Facebook

Boka: EU rule-of-law procedures ‘political tools’

The European Union's rule-of-law procedures "are political tools", Hungary's European affairs minister said on Facebook on Monday.

Janos Boka said those procedures “are applied tactically to make member states that show resistance fall into line.”

He published his comments after giving a presentation at a two-day Budapest conference organised by the Danube Institute, the Fundamental Rights Centre and The European Conservative starting on Monday.

Strategically, he added, the EU sought “to suppress national institutions to further the federalist project and secure a monopoly to define and promote European values.”

The EU “is in dire need of a real rule-of-law procedure,” Boka said, but insisted that it would require turning things “upside up” again. He said it was especially important that the rule-of-law mechanisms of member states “should also be applied by the EU institutions”.

He said those goals could not be achieved by amending the current mechanisms and he called for “a completely new approach”.

It was especially important, he said, that the procedure should also include a mechanism that could limit the activities of the EU to the delegated powers.

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