Body of fourth victim in Veroce boat accident recovered

The body of the fourth victim in boat accident that happened on the River Danube at Veroce on Saturday, has been recovered, the police reported on Facebook.

The 28 year old woman’s body was discovered near Szodliget, the police said.

In the accident the victims’ boat collided with a cruise ship. One of the boat’s eight passengers managed to swim ashore, four died and three others are still missing.

The cruise ship’s captain, a Czech national, was detained on suspicion of failing to provide help to the boat after the collision.

An investigation has found that the helmsman of the boat was drunk, steering the boat zig-zagging across the river, and straight in the direction of the ship. Before hitting the ship the boat took a sharp turn but a collision could not be avoided, the ship crushing the much smaller vessel, the police said.


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