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Big majority rejects spread of ‘sexual propaganda’ among children

A large majority of Hungarians reject the idea of "promoting" gender reassignment treatments and LGTBQ orientations among children, according to a survey by the Szazadveg think tank.

In a statement on Tuesday, Szazadveg noted that a national referendum on child protection will be held on April 3 on the same day as the general election.

Fully 65 percent of respondents said they would definitely take part in the referendum, while 16 percent said they were likely to do so, regardless of whether they cast their ballots in the general elections, the think tank said.

Szazadveg added that a social consensus had emerged on rejecting activities that promote “adult sexual orientation and gender change” among young children.

Fully 73 percent of respondents opposed teaching children about sexual orientation in schools without parental consent, the survey found, while 86 percent objected to providing information about gender reassignment treatments.

Also, 84 percent objected to unrestricted access to sexual content “affecting their development” in various media.

The referendum sponsored by the government puts the following questions: “Do you support teaching children about sexual orientation in public education without parental consent?”; “Do you support the promotion of gender reassignment treatments among children?”; “Do you support the unrestricted presentation of content about sex in the media that affects the development of children?”; “Do you support the presentation of media content concerning gender reassignment to children?”

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