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Balazs Orban: Hungary will keep its word on Brussels deals

Hungary will keep its word on the deals connected to both the recovery fund and the utilisation of European Union monies, the prime minister's political director said on Thursday.

Balazs Orban told the Hungarian press on the occasion of an EU summit that the deals Hungary had achieved fulfilled the country’s national interests.

The agreement is in line with the goals that Hungary presented at the start of talks, he said. Instead of exercising pressure on the member states, Brussels should be open to their proposals, he added, referring also to concerns raised by Poland.

Hungary expects that the contracts can be signed by the end of the year, in line with the agreement, the director said. He added that a compromise must be sought and cooperation should not be discarded.

The Hungarian government considers the global minimum tax a “job killer” measure which results in tax increase, which is why it opposed it, he said. However, the country managed to achieve exemption, taxes will not have to be increased because Hungary’s local business tax will be considered as an element in the calculation.

Commenting on the 18 billion euro support for Ukraine, he said Hungary did not consider it right for the EU to get into debt. The compromise solution achieved involves the utilisation of unused monies paid in for other purposes, which fits Hungary’s position, he added.

Commenting on a corruption case at the European parliament, he said it affected those left-wing circles that often accused member states of such practices. In recent years, the EP has become a means for ideological pressurising, not a properly functioning institution, he said. Its operation must be thoroughly reviewed, he added.

At the same time, the political director said Hungary was optimistic and the government trusted that the current conflicts and political difficulties could be overcome.

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