Hungary's border fence – Photo: wikipedia

Bakondi: Sudan civil war expected to increase migration to Europe

The civil war in Sudan is expected to increase the number of people trying to enter the European Union illegally, even as large numbers of people have been reported to reach Libya on their way to the EU from other regions in Africa, the prime minister's security advisor told news channel M1 on Thursday.

Illegal migration is a serious risk to Europe’s security and social services, and may cause social tensions, Gyorgy Bakondi said.

In Hungary, attempts at illegal entry have also intensified, with some 39,000 illegal migrants and over 300 people smugglers detained this year alone, he said.

People smuggling has become a “huge business” with sprawling organisations and serious revenues, he said. The people smuggling networks have separate “departments” for transport, forging documents, renting equipment and other sectors, he insisted.

“That’s why we stress that people smuggling can only be tackled in international cooperation between police and intelligence forces,” he said.

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