Hungary's border fence – Photo: wikipedia

Bakondi: ‘New EU migration pact could have serious consequences’

The EU's new migration pact could have serious consequences to the continent, the prime minister's chief security advisor said on Thursday.

Gyorgy Bakondi told commercial channel TV2 that the passing of the legislation had been “strange”, calling it “a hasty, non-unanimous and clearly politically motivated vote held deliberately early enough to finalise the issue before this year’s EP election”.

He said that under the pact, migrants aiming for Europe had the option to wait through their application procedure in “migrant centres” in EU territory. “But the western experience is that only 20 percent of those rejected can in fact be expelled”, he said, adding that the new pact could be an incentive for mass migration from Africa and Asia.

Bakondi noted that a total of 355,000 migrants had come to Europe on the three main migration routes last year, a record number since 2016, adding that “atrocities were an indication of the serious national and public security threats posed by uncontrolled migration”.

He noted that Hungarian parliament last month had adopted a law amendment allowing the firing of warning shots to stop violent people who damage the border fence or threaten border guards.

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