Hungary's border fence – Photo: wikipedia

Bakondi: Maintaining strong border protection justified

Maintaining strong border protection is clearly justified, the prime minister's chief domestic security advisor has said, noting "a complex and difficult situation" at Hungary's borders and considerable pressure on the country's southern borders.

Gyorgy Bakondi told daily Magyar Nemzet in an interview that a total of 94 307 border violators had been caught this year by midnight on Monday, as against 41,244 in the same period last year — more than a twofold increase in the number of illegal border crossings.

Criminal proceedings were launched against 705 human smugglers this year as against 376 in the same period of last year, he said.

Afghans, Pakistanis and Indians are turning up in large numbers at Hungary’s borders, as well as Syrians and the citizens of several other countries, Bakondi said.

“There are no signs of migration waning or stopping,” he said. “Considering there have been no major changes in European Union policies in this area, it’s up to nation states to decide what happens at the borders,” he added.

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