A tunnel under the Hungarian-Serbian border – Photo: police.hu

Bakondi: International cooperation needed to combat people smuggling

International cooperation is the only way European law enforcement can take effective action against people smugglers, the prime minister's chief domestic security advisor said on Thursday.

Since people smugglers operate within an international network, EU law enforcement bodies like border agency Frontex would play a key role in coordinating the exchange of information and conducting international operations aimed at eliminating people smuggling rings, Gyorgy Bakondi told public news channel M1.

But as long as the EU’s migration policy treats migration as a positive phenomenon or something to be supported, the bloc will continue to attract people smuggling rings, he said.

The Hungarian authorities have prevented more than 20,000 people from crossing the border illegally so far this year, and have launched proceedings against more than 200 people smugglers, Bakondi said.

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