Hungary's border fence – Photo: wikipedia

Bakondi: EU’s ‘failed solution’ on migration ‘compromises security’

With its recent decision on migration policy, the European Union "is again forcing through a solution which has already failed in western Europe and would seriously compromise security", Gyorgy Bakondi, the prime minister's chief security advisor, told public television late on Saturday.

Bakondi called it “strange” that a qualified majority had passed the decision rather than a unanimous vote and that “all the arguments that we presented went unheard”.

“They would introduce a distribution by quota … Brussels would determine how many migrants Hungary should accommodate; failing this, the country would be required to pay [a fee in compensation] per capita in line with the quotas,” Bakondi said.

Also, in an emergency, refusal to accommodate migrants and paying compensation instead would not be an option, he said.

He said that given the link between organised crime, terrorism and illegal migration, “the Hungarian government cannot accept” the associated security risk.

Bakondi said the EU’s position was in conflict with the Hungarian constitution, and the government was “ready to fight in legal forums for the security and sovereignty of the Hungarian people.”

Also, it was “on the EU’s agenda” to ensure fast-track citizenship for migrants, he said, because “they think that if a Muslim illegal migrant votes, they will certainly not vote for nationalist-conservative parties, and this would benefit left-liberal forces in the long run.”

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