A tunnel under the Hungarian-Serbian border – Photo: police.hu

Bakondi: EU migration pact’s crisis regulation ‘dangerous’

A new crisis regulation set to be incorporated into the European Union's migration package is "dangerous" because it promotes migration, the prime minister's chief domestic security advisor said on Wednesday.

Under the new regulation being drafted, member states that are in a difficult situation could turn to the European Commission, which could then decide how many migrants a certain country would have to take in or deport, Gyorgy Bakondi told public current affairs channel M1.

When put before the Justice and Home Affairs Council, only Hungary and Poland voted against the draft regulation, he said.

The European Parliament and the EC want to implement a long-term migration pact with quotas and migrant centres that can house tens of thousands of people before next year’s EP elections, while across the Serbian border, migrants are firing machine guns and throwing hand grenades at residential houses, Bakondi said.

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