Hungary's border fence – Photo: wikipedia

Bakondi: Authorities apprehend 500 border violators per day

Around 500 people entering Hungary illegally are captured each day on average, though this number is even higher at times, the prime minister's chief domestic security advisor said on Wednesday.

So far this year, 120,000 illegal migrants and 900 people smugglers have been caught, Gyorgy Bakondi told public current affairs channel M1.

He said Hungary’s defences at the southern border were “under massive strain”. It is for this reason that the government decided to establish the force of so-called “border hunters”, he added.

Bakondi said the situation was unlikely to improve any time soon. “Any improvement may only be achieved if the European Union redesigns its migration policy and stops treating people smuggling as a pardonable offence.”

Speaking to public broadcaster Kossuth Radio, Bakondi said that the border fence in the area of Hercegszanto will be reinforced and height added to existing structures to make it harder for border violators to scale the fence using ladders.


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