Illustration - Photo: MTI

Authority: EU hindering ‘legislation to protect youth’

Hungary's supervisory authority for regulated activities (SZTFH) has said the European Commission was "obstructing the regulation" of herbal vaping products.

In its statement, the authority said that an EU committee had turned down its appeal for an expedited procedure to deal with the matter, adding that “despite this bureaucratic move, SZTFH will continue to use every legal means to restrict smoking among juveniles and to protect their health as well as the legal [tobacco] market”.

The authority noted that herbal products used as an alternative to smoking tobacco were gaining popularity, and were distributed outside legal tobacco retail outlets. They can also be purchased via the internet and were “freely accessible to young people”, it said.

The authority said the illegal trade of Elf Bars was a challenge, while young consumers were its primary risk group. National tax authority NAV is preparing for crackdowns to remove the product from the market, while SZTFH will launch a campaign in summer camps and in primary and secondary schools from September on, the statement said.

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