Photo: Raimond Spekking/Wikimedia Commons

Consumer protection procedures launched against 14 companies

Authorities crack down on unscrupulous Covid-19 testers

About one-fourth of coronavirus testing companies were found to have violated pricing rules in a targeted probe conducted across the country in October, Innovation and Technology Ministry state secretary Tamas Schanda said on Friday.

Schanda said 20 of the 81 companies reviewed in the probe so far did not apply the regulated 19,500 forint (EUR 53) price for a PCR test or indicated the price in an ambiguous manner.

Consumer protection procedures were launched against 14 of the companies. A number of them cooperated, correcting and compensating for their non-compliant behaviour, while three were fined for failing to take corrective measures.

The government will continue to take resolute action against businesses that try to profiteer from the pandemic, Schanda said.

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