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Audit Office finds opposition parties received illegal campaign financing

The State Audit Office (ASZ) has established that parties in the opposition alliance before the 2020 parliamentary elections were involved in illegal campaign financing, ASZ head Laszlo Windisch said on Tuesday.

Presenting ASZ’s report on its investigation, Windisch said that the parties had received over 261 million forints (EUR 671,200) illegally from abroad via the Hungary Belongs to Everybody (MMM) movement.

ASZ has ruled that the beneficiaries of the illegal funding, Democratic Coalition, Jobbik, Momentum, Socialist Party, and LMP should pay the entire sum shared equally to the central budget within 15 days.

Windisch added that national tax and customs authority NAV were investigating MMM in connection with a further 1.4 billion forints to “clarify if that sum had been used for campaign financing”.

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