Andras Fekete-Gyor – Photo: Facebook

Appeals court finds former Momentum head guilty of assault on officer

A Budapest appeals court has found Andras Fekete-Gyor, the former head of the Momentum party, guilty of assault against persons in official capacity, the court said on Monday.

According to the charges, Fekete-Gyor acted as an accomplice of Koppany Bendeguz Szarvas on Dec 13, 2018, when they threw smoke bombs at police during a demonstration in Kossuth Square. The court sentenced Fekete-Gyor to 1 year in prison, suspended for 2 years.

The court saw Fekete-Gyor’s clean records, as well as the fact that he had acted as an accomplice, as mitigating circumstances, spokesman Jozsef Tamas Szabo said.

Szarvas, the primary defendant, had been accused of assaulting officers on two consecutive days, Dec 12 and 13, and sentenced to 2 years in prison, suspended for 3 years.

Fekete has appealed the sentence. The primary defendant and the prosecution are mulling the same, and so the procedure is set to continue at the third-instance court, Szabo said.

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