Photo: MTI

Another renewed Budapest metro section reopens

A central stretch of Budapest's Metro 3, covering Kalvin Square, Corvin, and Semmelweis Klinikak, reopened on Saturday.

The opening of the latest section means that service now runs between Kobanya-Kispest and Kalvin Square along the metro line’s southern section.

Addressing the inauguration of the new section, Budapest Mayor Gergely Karacsony said the upgrade of the metro line spanned multiple city administrations, was a matter outside of partisan politics and was a shared issue for the entire country.

Karacsony thanked the European Union and the Hungarian government for their support for the project, adding that he intended to carry on the dialogue with the government about the next metro upgrades.

Istvan Tarlos, the prime minister’s commissioner in charge of the development of national transport and public services infrastructure and former mayor of Budapest, noted that Metro 3 was Hungary’s busiest traffic route and that the renovation of the line had started in 2017.

Tarlos said the project was the shared achievement of two city administrations and the government.

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