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Almost 1,500 localities support parliament’s pro-peace resolution

The heads of 1,492 Hungarian settlements have pledged their support for parliament's pro-peace resolution adopted in March in connection with the war in Ukraine, Karoly Szita, the head of the Association of Cities with County Rights, said in Kaposvar, in south-western Hungary, on Friday.

The Fidesz-Christian Democrat politician who is also mayor of the county seat of Somogy told a press conference that at the end of April he had sent the parliamentary resolution to all mayors in Hungary with a request that they put it on the agenda of local council assemblies with a view to endorsing Hungary’s pro-peace standpoint.

“We say a definite ‘no’ to war, and we should push for the quickest possible peace, this being in the interest of every Hungarian locality…” he said.

Szita accused the left wing of siding with the war, adding that many municipalities led by the left had rejected peace in favour of war.

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