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Agreement signed with Romania on opening two new border crossings

An agreement has been signed by Hungary and Romania to open two new border crossings, between Kubekhaza and Beba Veche (Obeba), and between Magyarcsanad and Cenad (Csanad), the foreign minister said on Friday.

The ministry cited Szijjarto as telling a joint press conference with Sorin Grindeanu, the Romanian transport minister, in Timisoara (Temesvar) that the two countries were linked “by a million ties”.

“The more physical links created between each other, the better and more successful cooperation can develop,” he added.

Under the agreements, the crossing between Kubekhaza and Beba Veche will be opened in two years’ time and the crossing between Magyarcsanad and Cenad will involve the reconstruction of a bridge on the Maros river which was blown up in 1940, he added.

He noted that two motorway links between Hungary and Romania are also being built, scheduled to be opened in 2025 and 2030, respectively, eventually increasing the number of crossings to 16. If Romania were allowed to join the Schengen zone, this number could increase to 26 in short order, he added.

A meeting of the two countries’ transport working teams has been called for the end of September, he said.

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