President Ader receives the vaccine – Photo: MTI

Ader: Vaccinations raise hope for future

The epidemic in Hungary may be left behind more than a year after its outbreak thanks to mass vaccinations, President Janos Ader told a conference late on Monday.

“There’s still much suffering, and we have to face up to the losses we’ve sustained, but people who get vaccinated can now enjoy effective protection against the virus,” Ader told the Friends of Hungary conference held online. “After more than a year’s uncertainty … we can now take back the initiative from the virus.”

Hungary is one of the countries with the best inoculation rates, Ader noted.

The president praised Katalin Kariko, the Hungarian biochemist whose team has developed the technology at the root of mRNA vaccines. It is thanks to her and her colleagues, he said, that life-saving vaccines such as Pfizer and Moderna’s can be mass produced today.

The Friends of Hungary’s cooperation, knowledge and loyalty can be counted on to help get life back to normal and boost the resilience and sustainability of the economy, support science and health-care development and bolster communities, Ader said.

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