Janos Ader – Photo: wikipedia

Ader to politicians: Refrain from striving for political gain amid pandemic

he act of striving for political gain amid the coronavirus pandemic "is immoral, inhuman and unacceptable", Janos Ader said in a Good Friday speech broadcast on public media. "Now is not the time for self-serving political games," the president said.

If politicians cannot help, then at least they should do no harm, he added.

Ader called on Hungarians to avoid medical and political charlatans on the internet and to heed the advice of health professionals and get vaccinated instead.

Meanwhile, he appealed to epidemiologists to “overcome immoral attacks” on them and focus on defeating the epidemic.

The president said that hopefully “if everyone does their bit, we can prepare for a new beginning” when Pentecost, the next holiday, arrives.

Ader also warned against “self-appointed virologists” who seeded doubt in people’s minds regarding vaccines and claimed that it would be better to catch the virus than to get inoculated.

The president advised waverers to ask themselves whether they wanted to avoid the disease and its serious consequences, protect their families, and have restrictions lifted as soon as possible.

Vaccination, he added, was the means to these ends while helping to prevent further epidemics.

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