Janos Ader – Photo: wikipedia

Ader: Protecting global ecological balance gains in importance

Protecting the ecological balance of planet Earth is a priority of growing importance and a matter of public interest, Janos Ader, Hungary's former president, said at the 8th International Nature Film Festival in Godollo near Budapest on Saturday.

Ader, who is also president of the Blue Planet Foundation, the organiser of the three-day event that began on Friday, told a press conference that the festival attracted a growing number of participants each year. In 2022 altogether 1,400 films were entered from 106 countries, presenting the enchanting diversity of nature and the grave challenges to the environment, he said.

This year’s festival focuses on “green redesigning”, including the reasonable and sustainable management of recyclable materials and efforts to reduce waste, he said.

Ader welcomed that the Young Nature Photographer of the Year contest held for the first time had attracted over 5,000 entries.

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