A statue of Ferenc Madl in Band – Photo: wikipedia

Ader marks 10th anniversary of former President Madl’s death

President Janos Ader on Saturday laid a wreath at the grave of Ferenc Madl, marking the tenth anniversary of the former president's death.

Ader lauded Madl as a man “whom his country greatly appreciated”, and whose “values were perfectly in place… [who] earned the love and respect of his people with moral stability and excellence without ostentation.”

Madl knew that being honest and credible was the cornerstone of becoming a “good student, teacher, lawyer, scientist, minister or president,” Ader told the event held in Budapest’s Fiume Street cemetery.

Madl retained those qualities during the communist regime and in the fight to re-create legal certainty in the country, Ader said.

“Ferenc Madl was a wise man and a good and noble soul, one of the greatest,” Ader said.

The event was attended by First Ladies Anita Herczegh and Dalma Madl, House Speaker Laszlo Kover, Supreme Court President Andras Varga Zs, and Cardinal Peter Erdo, among others.

Madl was born in 1931, and worked as a lawyer and an academic. He served as Hungarian president between 2000 and 2005.

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